A Guide To Finding The Best Paint Sprayer For Consumer Use

Painting is usually the last part of a construction job, but that does not make it any less crucial. You will find that a well-applied coat of paint can last for years and one which is applied poorly can end up lasting for less than a week. This is why it is crucial to ensure that you have the best tools at your disposal when it comes time to paint your latest project.

Regardless of whether you are a DIY handyman or you are simply interested in the most efficient way to paint, you will find this guide very helpful. Today, we are going to be discussing the best paint sprayers on the market, and how you can have an easier time finding them. We will also be reviewing those best paint sprayers.

Whether you are looking for the best home paint sprayer or the best professional paint sprayer, you will find this guide highly useful. Before we get to our paint sprayer reviews, there are a few basics that we need to go over.

We are going to address some of the things you should consider before deciding on a paint sprayer for your needs, and then we will look at some of the qualities to search for in the best paint sprayer. If you feel like getting straight to the reviews because you already have a good idea of what you need, you can feel free to go ahead.

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Product NameOur RatingCheck Price
Best Airless Paint Sprayer
Winner – Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint SprayerVIEW ON AMAZON
Runner Up – Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint SprayerVIEW ON AMAZON
Best HVLP Paint Sprayer
Winner – Fuji 2804-T75G Mini-Mite 4 PLATINUM HVLP Paint SprayerVIEW ON AMAZON
Runner Up – Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2 Paint SprayerVIEW ON AMAZON
Alternative – Wagner 518080 Control Spray Max Paint SprayerVIEW ON AMAZON

Before You Buy A Paint Sprayer

Let’s see what are most important things you should take a look on before purchasing yourself a paint sprayer.

Surface Area

It is important to consider the size of the surface area that you intend to paint before you make your purchase. Different paint sprayers are ideal for different applications, and larger surface areas will usually require a nozzle which sprays out a wider cone of paint than a regular model.

If you intend to paint a smaller surface area, you will find that the best paint sprayer will have a more narrow nozzle to reduce the chance of painting over things that you want to avoid. This has the downside of increasing the time it takes for you to finish your painting job.

How Often You Intend To Use It

You should also consider how often you will be using your new paint sprayer. If you will only be using it once or on rare occasions, there is no reason to invest in a paint sprayer which is markedly more expensive. There are less pricey options that will be just as effective for your needs.

If you are going to be using your paint sprayer for work or you will be using it more often for hobbies and DIY work, you may find that it will pay off to invest in a higher quality paint sprayer. This is because they tend to be more reliable and will be able to put up with more use.

What You Will Be Painting

You should also consider the material that you will be painting and the coating or paint that you will be using before deciding on the best paint sprayer for your needs. Certain types of paint sprayers are ideally suited for painting specific materials.

For example, if you intend to paint a rougher or more pitted surface, you will find the best airless paint sprayer to be the ideal choice. If you are going to paint a smoother surface and you do not have to worry about your paint not sticking, you can opt for the best HVLP paint sprayer.

How Thick Is The Paint That You Need To Apply

You should also consider the type of paint that you will be using before deciding on the best paint sprayer. Different types of paints have varying degrees of thickness, so it is crucial to account for this before you make your purchase. Oil-based paints tend to be the thinner variety and will tend to work well with most paint sprayers.

Latex paints (also known as water-based paints), are thicker so they will either require a specific type of paint sprayer which works with them or you will have to thin your paint. Thinning latex paint is quite easy, all you have to do is add a half cup of water for every gallon of paint you want to be thinned.

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing A Paint Sprayer

Here are few things you should look on your new paint sprayer before buying it.

Pressure Or Horsepower

Pressure and horsepower are two measurements which are used to define the power of a paint sprayer. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that a more powerful paint sprayer will always be the best paint sprayer.

For example, if you are looking for the best indoor paint sprayer, you will want a more moderate power level, so you don’t end up damaging your walls. The best paint sprayer for exterior house walls, however, will probably require higher power so it can get the paint into small cracks and imperfections on the outside walls.

Paint Capacity Or Volume

You should also consider the capacity of paint that your paint sprayer can hold. Some paint sprayers don’t come equipped with their own paint reservoir, however. These models instead suck the paint directly out of the can or bucket that it comes in through the use of a hose.

For the models that do feature their own paint reservoirs, it is important to consider the volume of paint that they can hold at once. Keep in mind that you do not always want to fill up the reservoir to the maximum. You will instead want to fill it up with as much paint as you think the job will take.

Extension Cords

The inclusion of an extension cord with your new paint sprayer is another important inclusion. You will find that an extension cord will greatly help with the number of places that you can position your paint sprayer, this is because your cord will be able to reach an outlet from further out.

Of course, on models without power cords that extend, you can always use your own extension cord to ensure that your paint sprayer remains powered further out. On job sites, you may find yourself powering your paint sprayer with a portable generator, so an extension cord means that you will not have to move the whole generator.

Easy Cleaning

One of the most important tasks for an owner of a paint sprayer is to ensure that it is properly cleaned out after every use. If you neglect to clean out your paint sprayer, you will find that it can clog up with old paint and even malfunction to the point that it will require expensive repairs.

There are many aspects which could contribute to a paint sprayer which is easier to clean than the competition. For example, nozzles that are easy to remove can be cleaned out with less of a hassle. We are quite fond of paint sprayers that don’t require tools to access the parts that need to be cleaned out regularly.


You will also want to look for a paint sprayer that is adjustable enough to be comfortable to use in most situations. A paint sprayer which is more adjustable will be easier to optimize for your intended use than a model which is lacking in terms of adjustability.

For example, a more adjustable model of paint sprayer would be compatible with a wide variety of nozzles and hoses for use in more than one application. Another feature that is typical in paint sprayers which are highly adjustable is the ability to choose between a suction hose or a reservoir for a paint feed.


As with most products that make use of compressors, you will find that paint sprayers tend to be louder than most other tools that would normally be used for painting. Many parts of paint sprayers are responsible for emitting a lot of noise, including the compressor and the gun itself.

As you may have noticed from our repeated mentioning of it, the compressor is by far the loudest part of a paint sprayer. It usually emits a loud whining or droning sound when it is on. The spray gun will only make noise when you are painting, and this may not be as big of an issue.

When asking yourself what is the best paint sprayer, you will want to consider the noise output, but it will also depend on where exactly you intend to use your paint sprayer. If you are looking for the best paint sprayer for use indoors, you will often wish to opt for a model which is quieter than usual.

Extra Features

You should also consider the extra features that are included with your new paint sprayer, as they can greatly improve your use of it by improving the user friendliness of the machine.

Best Airless Paint Sprayer

This is our two top picks for best airless paint sprayer:

Winner – Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer

This Graco paint sprayer is one of the best options available for personal project use. While it lacks the capabilities to be used in a commercial role, it is ideal for use in just about every reasonable consumer application. This is the case thanks to its excellent build quality and an assortment of extra features. Some notable features:

  • Features fully adjustable control over spray pressure
  • Features a piston pump which eliminates the need to thin your paints
  • Comes included with a suction tube so you can spray straight out of paint cans
  • Features a Power Flush adapter for easier cleaning
  • Maximum paint hose size is 100 feet long
  • Comes included with an RAC IV SwitchTip to ease the clearing of clogs
  • Annual use is recommended to be up to 125 gallons of paint

This model of airless paint sprayer is one of the more affordable high-quality products that you will come across. There are so many features that we don’t know where to start, so we’ll just go with the most important one. The adjustable pressure goes all the way up to a maximum of 3000 psi, which should be enough for most applications.


The ⅝ horsepower motor may seem a little underpowered compared to commercial models, but it provides all of the power which is necessary. One of our favorite features is the inclusion of the SwitchTip nozzle which helps you clean out any sudden blockages without having to stop and pull apart the paint sprayer.

The inclusion of a cart with this model means that it is one of the more portable paint sprayers that you will come across. When combined with the airless method of operation, you will find that this paint sprayer is ideal for painting large exteriors such as the outside walls of a house or shed.CHECK PRICE ON AMAZONRead Our In-Depth Review

Runner Up – Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

This paint sprayer from Graco is like the little brother to the X7. You may notice that the most immediate difference is that this model does not come included with a cart, which you would expect to reduce the portability greatly. This is thankfully not the case, as this model is nearly ten pounds lighter than the X7. Some notable features:

  • Features a performance rating of 0.27 gallons per minute
  • Features a ½ horsepower motor
  • Features a maximum tip size of 0.015
  • Features a maximum pressure of 3000 psi
  • Features a maximum hose length of 75 feet
  • Features a relatively low weight of 13 pounds
  • Sprayer comes mounted on a stand
  • Comes included with a 25 ft DuraFlex hose, pump armor, an SG2 spray gun, and an RAC IV SwitchTip spray tip

While this model is slightly less powerful than the X7, it is still effective enough for almost any application that could be reasonably expected from a non-commercial consumer. It still includes the reversible nozzle that allows you to clear out any blockages that occur with little trouble quickly.Graco Stand Airless Paint Sprayer


While the maximum hose length is 25 feet shorter than the X7, at 75 feet, you will find that it is still more than long enough to paint higher floors without too much difficulty. The stainless steel piston pumps on this model also ensure that you will not need to thin your latex paints before use with this model.

The included power flush feature makes it far easier than you would expect to clean out this paint sprayer. All you need is to connect your garden hose to the tube and pump water through the machine to ensure that it is clean and that you will not have to deal with any nasty clogs.CHECK PRICE ON AMAZONRead Our In-Depth Review

Best HVLP Paint Sprayer

Here are our top recommendations for best HVLP paint sprayer:

Winner – Fuji 2804-T75G Mini-Mite 4 PLATINUM HVLP Paint Sprayer

This is a professional quality HVLP paint sprayer which is much more effective than most other HVLP models that you will come across. The downside is that you must pay a high price for this improved level of quality. This model usually retails for the relatively hefty price of about 750 dollars. Some notable features:

  • Features a pattern control knob which can adjust the width of your spray pattern
  • Features a paint gun with an ergonomic stay-cool handle
  • Features a 4-stage turbine for use with more paints
  • Features a Heat Dissipation Box which helps keep the product cool
  • Requires less paint thinning than other models with a 3-stage turbine
  • Comes included with a 25 ft hose, T-75G spray gun, 600cc cup, cleaning brush, wrench, viscosity cup, and an instruction manual

For that price, you sure do get a lot in the box. We have already covered the extra bits and pieces that come included, but let’s take a look at some of the more crucial components. For example, the included spray gun comes with a thermally isolated handle that ensures your hand will not get burned.


One of our favorite features in this model of paint sprayer is the 4-stage turbine. When compared to 3-stage models, the 4-stage turbine is much more potent, which has many advantages. For example, a 4-stage turbine allows you to use thicker paints, though some will still need to be thinned.

A 4-stage turbine will also provide better atomization for your paint, allowing for a more even coat. The inclusion of Fuji’s Heat Dissipation Box ensures that you will not have any issues regarding overheating as well. This is one of the better professional-grade HVLP sprayers that we have come across.


Read Our In-Depth Review

Runner Up – Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2 Paint Sprayer

This is the lower end offering from Fuji, which is a definite contrast to the last model we reviewed. Whereas the previous Fuji paint sprayer was the best HVLP model you will find for a high price, this model’s objective is to provide the best value for money possible. Some notable features:

  • Features a spray gun with adjustable spray size control
  • Features a 1.3 mm air cap set
  • Features a 2-stage turbine
  • Comes included with a metal turbine case with a paint gun holder
  • Comes included with a 400cc cup for the paint gun
  • Comes included with a 25 ft air hose which features an air control valve

This model can be found for around 400 dollars, which is nearly half the price of the Mini-Mite 4. We will address the feature which is likely to cause the most concern: the inclusion of a 2-stage turbine. 2-stage turbines are almost never used in professional applications, and with good reason.Fuji Semi-PRO 2 Paint Sprayer

Source: fujispray.com


While 2-stage turbines are often derided for their lack of power and atomization, you will find that this is one of the most powerful 2-stage turbines available in a paint sprayer. The inclusion of a paint gun holder on the metal case that stores the turbine is a much more convenient option than finding a table where paint may end up dripping out.

The 25-foot air hose which comes included with this model features a valve so that you will deal with less overspray than on your typical HVLP paint sprayer. As with most Fuji products, this paint sprayer comes with a paint gun which features a knob on the side to adjust the size of the spray cone.


Read Our In-Depth Review

Alternative – Wagner 518080 Control Spray Max Paint Sprayer

This Wagner paint sprayer is the most affordable model that you will come across on this list. It is designed to provide an affordable alternative for customers who only may need limited use out of their paint sprayer. While it is affordable, this does not mean that this product is manufactured to poor specifications.

  • Features variable flow controls to adjust the width of your spray from 1 inch to 10 inches
  • Features a 2-stage turbine capable of spraying latex paint
  • Features adjustable control over air pressure
  • Features a choice of three different spray patterns
  • Comes included with a one-quart metal cup, a 1.5 qt plastic cup, a hose, and a manual
  • Comes included with a 20-foot hose

There are, in fact, quite a few features that you would not expect to see on a product in this price range which come included with this paint sprayer. For instance, the variable flow control ensures that you will be able to choose the ideal width when you are using this paint sprayer.

Source: wagnerspraytech.com


You can also choose between three different spray patterns that are designed for paints of varying degrees of thickness. This paint sprayer comes included with two different cups; you can choose to opt for a smaller metal cup or a plastic cup that is 50% larger at 1.5 quarts. The package also includes a highly flexible 20-foot hose.

While 2-stage turbines are a little underpowered for more intense work, you will find that it is more than sufficient on this paint sprayer. Since this model is designed for intermittent household use, you will find that you don’t need a turbine which is overly powerful, especially since you can thin your paints when needed.



As you can see, we have reviewed a wide range of paint sprayers so most of our readers can find an ideal choice for their needs. The paint sprayers we have looked at range in price from 100 dollars to 750 dollars. Regardless of whether you need the best paint sprayer for home use or commercial use, we have you covered.

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