Fuji Semi-PRO 2 Paint Sprayer Review

You will find that paint sprayers are much more versatile than some of the other types of painting tools that you will come across, including both paint brushes and paint rollers. Before we get to our review, we are going to go over some of the applications that are most common for paint sprayers, keep in mind that there are far more, however.

Paint sprayers are most often employed in tasks that require a large area to be painted in a relatively short time. You will often find that paint sprayers are the only effective option when painting large areas like the exterior of buildings and other types of walls. While they are less effective indoors, paint sprayers can still be used with adequate ventilation.

Using Semi Pro 2

Other applications in which paint sprayers are often used are more industrial in nature, and they are rarely operated by people manually. When paint sprayers are used in automotive and maritime tasks, you will find that they are often attached to robotic assemblies that have superior reach and are not at risk of injury.

The paint sprayers which are most often used for industrial tasks are airless models thanks to their superior paint distribution and coating. While airless paint sprayers are arguably more effective, you will find that they are far more dangerous than their HVLP counterparts because of the sheer speed of the paint.

Airless paint sprayers are also superior when it comes to spraying coatings which are not paint. Since the thickness of a substance matters less in an airless paint sprayer, you will find that you have a much greater variety of choices when choosing what to project through them.

We will now take a look at two aspects which are closely related to the effectiveness of a paint sprayer. Feel free to skip directly to the review if you already know what to search for in your ideal spray painter.


The noise which is produced by paint sprayers usually depends on the type, but you will find that most of them will be quite noticeable and even downright annoying. This is why you may wish to opt for a model which emits as little noise as possible, but it helps to understand why they are so noisy.

The compressors and turbines that you’ll find featured on airless and HVLP models, respectively, tend to be the components that are responsible for most of the noise. While the paint spraying out of the nozzle will also be a little noisy, it is nothing compared to the sound of the machinery itself.

Spray Gun

You should also consider the quality of the spray gun that comes included with your paint sprayer. It is important to find a model which features a quality spray gun as that is your main point of interaction with the paint sprayer. If you are unable to get a good grip on the gun, it will be hard to do a good job painting.

Paint Gun

This is why most spray guns tend to feature an ergonomic design and features which will reduce your discomfort while you are using it. Some spray guns will even have controls on them, so they will always be in reach.

About The Product

This paint gun is made by Fuji, one of the foremost manufacturers of HVLP paint guns. While it is a mid-range product, many included features are reminiscent of higher-quality paint sprayers. Some notable features of this product:

  • This model’s spray gun features a knob to adjust the spray width
  • Comes included with a 1.3mm air cap set
  • This model makes use of a 2-stage turbine
  • The case of the turbine features a holder for the paint gun
  • The paint gun features a 400cc paint cup
  • The 25-foot air hose which comes included with this model has an air control valve


As we previously stated, this paint sprayer is full of features that will keep most customers happy for a long time. While a 2-stage turbine may seem a little weak for a paint sprayer in this price range, you will find that this is one of the best 2-stage turbines that are in use in any paint sprayer for sale.

There are many features which exist to improve user convenience in this model. One of these features is the paint gun holder which is fashioned out of the protective metal casing for the turbine. You will no longer have to awkwardly prop up your paint gun against a wall or a table.

The inclusion of a control knob for the spray characteristics on the gun also ensures that you will rarely have to take your attention off of the gun and the surface you are painting. We were also impressed with the inclusion of a flexible rubber hose with an air control valve which greatly diminishes overspray.

What Others Say

Other customers had quite a few positive things to say about this model of paint sprayer. Customers were impressed with the inclusion of a quality cap set with this model. There was also quite a bit of praise for the pressurized gravity feed which is featured on this model.

There were few negatives aside from the usual complaints about price and a few models which had to be returned because they arrived defective.

Fuji Semi Pro 2

Buying Advice

This model can be found for a mid-range price, but it is well worth the money. Many customers are concerned by the 2-stage turbine, but you will find that a 2-stage turbine of this quality is well worth the money you will spend. This product is usually priced at around 450 dollars.


If you want a Fuji paint sprayer, but you aren’t willing to spend the same money as professional contractors, you will find that this is the ideal model. We hope that this review has been as informative as possible. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave them in the comments.

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