Graco Stand Airless Paint Sprayer Review

Two main types of paint sprayers are commonly used in both commercial and consumer applications. The more common option is the HVLP type of paint sprayer. This works similarly to a traditional paint sprayer which is powered by air, but it uses a higher volume of air to work at a lower pressure.

This lower pressure ensures that you will end up wasting much less paint than you would otherwise. HVLP sprayers accomplish this by ensuring that less of the paint ends up atomized in the surrounding atmosphere. This is advantageous because it mitigates one of the main disadvantages of the paint sprayer.

Using Graco X5

While paint sprayers are typically more wasteful thanks to the dissipation of a percentage of paint in the air, airless models take a different approach to ensuring that they function more efficiently.

Where HVLP models do what they can to increase the amount of atomized paint that ends up on your target, airless models ensure that you need to apply fewer coats of paint.

You won’t have to make as many passes over the object you are painting with an airless paint sprayer because it projects the paint at a much higher pressure and velocity than an HVLP model. This is why airless paint sprayers don’t have to make use of air since the paint itself is compressed and pressurized.

Since the paint is shot out of airless paint sprayers at a much higher speed, you will find that the paint can gravely injure you if it hits you. At the speed at which the droplets of paint travel, you are highly susceptible to injury since the atomized paint can pass directly through your skin.

Before we move on, we are going to look at an aspect to search for in the best paint sprayers around.

User Friendliness

You will always want to search for a model of paint sprayer which is user-friendly since it will make your experience with it that much more enjoyable. This is especially true if you plan to use your paint sprayer more often than just a few isolated cases where you need a large surface area painted.

If your paint sprayer is not accessible to users, you will be reluctant to use it, and it is very likely that it will end up picking up dust. No one wants to have to use an instruction manual to make use of any tool besides the ones which are the most complex.

Power Flush

Paint sprayers may be mechanically complex, but they do not have to be difficult for the user. User friendliness can be improved in many ways. A paint sprayer with more simple and streamlined controls will typically be easier to use than a model which features overly complex buttons and gauges.

While the controls should be positioned properly, user friendliness extends to more than just the interface. It is also related to the ease of maintaining your paint sprayer. Any product which is related to paint will usually require a good deal of maintenance to reduce the chance of a clog or other issue.

About The Product

This paint sprayer is manufactured by Graco, a company which has existed for nearly 100 years, founded all the way back in 1923. The X5 is the smaller and more affordable version of Graco’s X7 airless paint sprayer. Some notable features of the product:

  • Pressure can be adjusted by the user
  • The stainless steel piston pump allows the use of thicker paints
  • Supports up to 75 feet worth of hose for better reach
  • Features a stand to keep it elevated
  • Suction tube allows the direct use of paint from a bucket
  • This paint sprayer only weighs a total of 13 pounds


As with most Graco products, you will find that the X5 is highly effective at the task that it is designed for. While the lack of a cart makes it less portable than its big brother, the X7, you will find that it is light enough to be easily transported on the stand with which it comes standard.

Thanks to its relatively high pressure for such a small paint sprayer, it can support up to 75 feet worth of paint hose. This will allow you to paint larger areas without having to shut down and reposition the sprayer every few minutes. The adjustable pressure allows you to work at an optimal level for the job.

The inclusion of a suction tube makes it easy to get paint directly from the source, instead of having to worry about cleaning a reservoir out, so it doesn’t get clogged with unused paint. This is an excellent choice of paint sprayer for both hobbyists and fans of DIY work.


What Others Say

Other customers were just as impressed with this airless paint sprayer as we were, and they were quite vocal about it in their reviews. Most customers were impressed with the reversible nozzle which ensures that you will not have any difficulty dealing with clogs and other blockages that would otherwise require a shutdown.

Regarding negative reviews, some customers had issues with over spraying, though the adjustable pressure control is there to help with that issue. Other customers had difficulty with clogging, and apparently, the reversible nozzle did not help too much when it came to mitigating this issue.

Buying Advice

You will find that most airless paint sprayers tend to be more expensive than HVLP models since they are usually more powerful. This is the case with the X5, but the price is rather reasonable for what you get. The X5 can often be found for about 400 dollars, but it drops to as little as 200 dollars when on sale.

Stand Airless Sprayer


If you are looking for a more affordable model of airless paint sprayer, the Graco Magnum X5 may be one of the better options for you. We hope that this review has been informative enough to help you make a decision.

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